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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Subliminal
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Comes with a biographical interview insert telling the fascinating story behind Fantasy Train and the creation of their unique 1984 album for the first time. File together with: Donnie & Joe Emerson - Dreamin' Wild and Jr. & His Soulettes - Psychodelic Sounds albums. "From a southern small town this after school project is hard to describe other than there's nothing else like it. Teens exploring soul, funk and rock and this album is their interpretation of all three. Catchy tunes, plenty of effects and earnest vocals. Fantasy Train is one of the freshest sounds I've heard in many years of digging." ~Rich Haupt (Rockadelic). "Cool teen rock meets DIY modern soul laden with psyched guitars, weird sci-fi effects, and alternate male/female vocals. There's also cheesy synth-wave realms and dreamy late night gospel overtones." ~Taro Miyasugi (Vinyl Anaconda). "Fantasy Train is a unique, genre-bending album cooked up in the sweltering Southern heat that impresses me with a special kind of style and panache. It is an amazing venture - their sound is clearly rooted in the soul of the '60s and the funk of the '70s but flourishes even further with the added electro-swagger of the '80s, and there is a certain genius to its fluidity. I don't really believe in genres anyway. The band's wild imagination and their excellent musical use of a laser pistol made clear to me that this album was one of a kind." ~Sam Swig (Mystery Brew).

Track listing:

  • A1 Baby's A Lady
  • A2 Can't Stop
  • A3 Strictly Business
  • A4 You & Me
  • B1 Sooner Or Later
  • B2 Scrapbook
  • B3 This Is Love
  • B4 Unicorns And Rainbows
  • B5 36-24-36 Just Right