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various: fuzz, flaykes and shakes
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  • fuzz, flaykes and shakes (LP)

  • sku: PARTLPC4097
  • Condition: Brand New In Stock
  • 12.90
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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Past and Present
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • Limited Edition, 180g Red Coloured Vinyl
  • Full Colour 4-page vinyl booklet with Comprehensive Liner Notes and Rare Colour Photographs

When this original series first came to town, it boasted a breath of fresh air amidst a tiring tide of 60s garage punk leftovers. Lovingly compiled, long-gone 45s tell of innocent, adolescent ambitions while laying the foundations for something much bigger. The blueprint for punk rock, metal, indie pop and grunge lay here. Adolescent angst, juvenile fun; call it what you like, but teenage kicks don’t get better than this!! Painstakingly restored from long forgotten original vinyl artefacts, this handsome re-issue of Fuzz, Flaykes and Shakes volume 1, is complimented by a 4-page vinyl sized booklet crammed with background liners, rare photos and original memorabilia.


    Side One

  • The Glass Sun I Can See The Light
  • The Shags Breathe In My Ear
  • Band Of Wynand Day-time, Nite-time
  • The Odyssey Little Boy, Little Girl
  • Time Of Your Life Ode To A Bad Dream
  • The Thyme Somehow
  • The Countdown 5 Speculation
  • The Midnight Snack Mister Time
  • The Society High & Mighty
  • Side Two

  • The Search Climate
  • The Rites Things
  • The Gregorians Dialated Eyes
  • The Palace Guard Greed
  • The Soul Inc. 60 Miles High
  • The Magic Mushrooms Let The Rain Be Me
  • Bedpost Oracle Till The Break Of Dawn
  • Stained Glass A Scene In Between
  • The Humane Society Eternal Prison