idle race: live on air 1967-1969 (white)
  • idle race

  • live on air 1967-1969 (white) (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Ava
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Although the Idle Race were described in the press as 'the most exciting British group since the Beatles,' they never made the commercial breakthrough that was widely predicted. Nonetheless, they were one of the UK's hardest working bands between 1967 and 1969, releasing numerous records, playing many gigs and taping various radio sessions. This superb set presents the fruits of seven separate BBC Radio sessions, containing many classic songs of their own as well as material by West Coast bands such as Moby Grape, the Doors and Sopwith Camel, giving a vivid idea of how they sounded in concert. It comes together with archival notes, rare images.

Track Listing:

    8th october 1967
  • A1 Imposters of Life's Magazine (with interview)
  • A2 Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree
  • A3 Hey Grandma
  • A4 Love Me Two Times
  • 25th February 1968
  • A5 Born To Be Wild
  • A6 Knocking Nails Into My House
  • B1 The Skeleton and the Roundabout
  • B2 The Lady Who Said She Could Fly
  • B3 (Don't Put Your Boys In The Army) Mrs. Ward
  • 9th June 1968
  • B4 At The End of The Road
  • B5 Blueberry Blue
  • B6 Morning Sunshine
  • B7 On With The Show
  • 22nd September 1968
  • C1 Days of Broken Arrows (Version 1)
  • C2 Follow Me Follow
  • C3 Pie In The Sky
  • C4 Told You Twice
  • 26th January 1969
  • C5 Days of Broken Arrows (Version 2)
  • C6 Worn Red Carpet
  • C7 Mr. Crow & Sir Norman
  • C8 Frantic Desolation
  • 29th June 1969
  • D1 Reminds Me Of You
  • D2 Please No More Sad Songs (Version 1)
  • D3 Sea Of Dreams
  • D4 Someone Knocking (Version 1)
  • David Symonds Show 16th September 1969 BBC Radio 1
  • D5 Come With Me
  • D6 Please No More Sad Songs (Version 2)