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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Past and Present
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Before Psychomaniac found a limited amount of fame and even less of a fortune curating the widely-respected Electric Asylum series, he cut his musical molars on the little-known Piccadilly Sunshine series, which took the wide-eyed aficionado into the deep and wondrous valleys of British Pop music culture. Daring to bring forth the once overlooked and sadly neglected songs that were laid to waste in a saturated wonderland of suburban teenage pop, Psychomaniac asks the listener to join him as he tiptoes barefoot through the late 1960s and early 70s in Great Britains vast and glorious cultural waste paper basket. Stepping amongst the twenty flower-powered trippers presented here, together we shall lovingly restore them to their former glory. Side 1 1. JASON JAMES - Miss Pilkingtons Maid 2. PEPPERMINT CIRCUS - I Wont Be There 3. ROGER BLOOMS HAMMER - Polly Pan 4. ALAN DAVID - Flower Power 5. STUDIO SIX - Falling Leaves 6. THE MAGICIANS - Slow Motion 7. TIN TIN - He Wants To Be A Star 8. THE CUPS - Good As Gold 9. BILLY BOYLE - Pisces Man 10. SOUNDS INC. - Dead As A Go-Go Side 2 1. SVENSK - Dream Machine 2. CHRISTOPHER - The Race 3. MERLIN Q - Loves Beautiful 4. MIGHTY JOE YOUNG - Why Dont You Follow Me 5. THE NOCTURNES - Fairground Man 6. MIXTURE - Never Trust In Tomorrow 7. MOOD OF HAMILTON - Why Cant There Be More Love 8. JON - Polly Sunday 9. TONY FABIAN - Girl Of The Night 10. TIM ANDREWS - Sad Simon Lives Again"