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  • the boat (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Progressive

Pelagos' yet unrevealed sophomore album, 'The Boat', was influenced by various different musical styles and eras. Shades of soft-reggae, AOR, dream-pop and trance-rock - to name a few - were blended together for the record, and the whole recipe was topped with a generous pinch of psychedelic spices. 'The Boat' is a soundtrack for darkening nights, where boundaries of sleep and wakefulness, past and present, life and afterlife vanish and a memory recalls.

Track Listing:

  • A Song For The Rain
  • An Invitation
  • Zest
  • Tree In A Dream
  • A Fade Out Vessel
  • Grey By The Sea
  • Machine City
  • Toxic Light
  • Moon Confession
  • Swan Egg
  • Atlanta
  • An Ocean To Disappear