terry callier: the new folk sound of
  • terry callier

  • the new folk sound of (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: LP - US Imports
  • Genre: Blues, Soul, Funk

Label: Prestige

An authentic down home folk album from 1965, the interesting inclusions here are the original versions of "It's About Time", "Spin Spin Spin" and "I'm A Drifter" - all covered by US trip merchants HP Lovecraft. Add a contemplative version of "Cottoneyed Joe" and you have an excellent album.....

Track Listing

  • A1 900 Miles 5:05
  • A2 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be 2:50
  • A3 Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be 4:20
  • A4 Cotton Eyed Joe 5:25
  • B1 It's About Time 3:25
  • B2 Promenade In Green 4:00
  • B3 Spi, Spin, Spin 3:05
  • B4 I'm A Drifter 8:50