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  • Format: LP
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  • Genre: Rock / Pop

'Townes Van Zandt's third recording is an early guitar-and-voice singer-songwriter classic laden with memorable originals. Start with 'For the Sake of the Song,' an oft-recorded classic here enlivened by tasteful percussion. Move on to a couple of Van Zandt's gritty, death's door laments -- 'Waiting Around to Die' (where the ex-con protagonist finds a friend in codeine) and a miner's sad tale, 'Lungs.' 'Colorado Girl' is another in a career-long series of paeans to Colorado, where Van Zandt went to college. 'I'll Be Here in the Morning' is a tender love song, while the Dylanesque 'Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel' is almost playful. Like most Van Zandt albums, this one has the obligatory buried-but-beautiful small masterpiece, in this case the undeniably gorgeous '(Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria.' The closer is another oft-covered piece of scrimshawed tunesmithery, 'None but the Rain.' This 1969 effort is the first of several essential Van Zandt albums.' --Robert Baird"

Track listing:

  • A1 For The Sake Of The Song 5:22
  • A2 Columbine 2:34
  • A3 Waitin' 'Round To Die 2:45
  • A4 Don't Take It Too Bad 2:54
  • A5 Colorado Girl 3:18
  • B1 Lungs 2:29
  • B2 I'll Be Here In The Morning 3:00
  • B3 Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel 5:22
  • B4 (Quicksilver Daydreams Of) Maria 4:45
  • B5 None But The Rain 2:23