convulse: world without god
  • convulse

  • world without god (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Svart
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • 2LP, gatefold sleeve, printed innerbags, liner notes, limited swamp green vinyl.

Convulse’s classic debut album is finally available on vinyl again! This deluxe reissue comes with liner notes, flyers and other memorabilia + the band’s highly sought-after demo on disc 2.

Track Listing:

    World Without God (1991)
  • A1 Introduction
  • A2 World Without God
  • A3 Putrid Intercourse
  • A4 Incantation Of Restoration
  • A5 Blasphemous Verses
  • B1 False Religion
  • B2 Resuscitation Of Evilness
  • B3 Infernal End
  • B4 Godless Truth
  • B5 Powerstruggle Of Belief
  • Resuscitation Of Evilness (1990)
  • C1 Putrid Intercourse
  • C2 Godless Truth
  • D1 Resuscitation Of Evilness
  • D2 Powerstruggle Of Belief