ripaille: la vieille que l'on brula
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  • la vieille que l'on brula (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Replica
  • Genre: Progressive

Experience classic French Progressive rock adorned with fantastic melodies and impressive musicianship. Although RIPAILLE may not have reached the same level of recognition as ANGE, they thrived during the same era and even shared a tour at one point. RIPAILLE's musical compositions are opulent and robust, featuring superb songwriting and extensive use of analog synths. Much like ANGE, RIPAILLE's music revolves around conceptual themes and exudes theatrical atmospheres, perfectly complementing their extravagant stage performances. The vocals, delivered in French, are skillfully executed with expressive flair. The instrumental arrangements showcase exceptional and well-varied contrasts.

This collection also includes a few tracks from RIPAILLE's second album, previously unfamiliar to many. In many respects, their sound echoes the Canadian 70s prog band HARMONIUM, incorporating slight electronic folk influences and quirky moods. The songs unfold with expansive landscapes of analog keyboard sounds, while the guitar, bass, and drums carry the melodic essence. A haven for French prog enthusiasts, RIPAILLE's music offers a sanctuary of captivating sonic experiences.

Track Listing

  • A1 Fils De La Lune
  • A2 Le Jardin Des Plaisirs
  • A3 Il N'Y A Plus Rien
  • A4 Satané Jardin
  • B1 La Veuve De Nicolas Kremer
  • B2 Le Sabbat Des Sorcières
  • B3 Les Loups
  • B4 La Vieille Que L'On Brûla
  • B5 Epilogue