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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Ethelion
  • Genre: Progressive

Formed in the tropical climates of Barbados 1967, The Luv Machine relocated to the UK in late 1968 to seek fame and fortune in those swinging times. The band started out playing the underground black soul clubs of the Midlands area. Their sound was a lot harder than the initial club circuit in which they were being booked. Influenced by Hendrix, Cream, Credence Clearwater Revival and other more obscure hard rock bands of the time, Luv Machine managed to combine elements of both rock & soulful psych with a funky progressive groove. Added to this was a Caribbean vibe, which made them completely unique amongst rivals of the day. The bands self titled debut album that was released for Polydor in 1971, has become a much revered and collectable item amongst collectors and fans of the era. Unfortunately the band split before the album was actually released, which meant it was never actually given the publicity it surely deserved.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Witches Wand 2:44
  • A2 You're Surprised 2:40
  • A3 It's Amazing 3:21
  • A4 Happy Children 3:15
  • A5 Everything 3:11
  • A6 Maybe Tomorrow 4:15
  • B1 Reminiscing 2:49
  • B2 Change Your Mind 2:53
  • B3 Corrupt One 4:03
  • B4 Lost 3:03
  • B5 My Life Is Filled With Changes 3:07
  • B6 Portrait Of Disgut 4:47
  • Bonus Track
  • B7 In The Early Hours 3:24