marissa nadler: path of the clouds
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  • path of the clouds (LP)

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  • Format: LP
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  • Genre: Neofolk - Neopsychedelic

Label: Bella Union

Marissa Nadler is an American singer-songwriter and musician known for her ethereal voice and hauntingly beautiful music. Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Massachusetts, Nadler has been a prominent figure in the indie folk and dream pop scenes since the early 2000s. Her music often features delicate guitar work, lush arrangements, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of love, loss, and memory. With a discography that spans over a decade, Nadler has garnered critical acclaim for her ability to create atmospheric soundscapes that draw listeners into her world.

"Path of the Clouds," released in 2021, is Marissa Nadler's eleventh studio album. This album marks a significant evolution in her sound, incorporating more expansive arrangements and a wider array of instrumentation compared to her earlier, more minimalist works. "Path of the Clouds" is a deeply introspective and atmospheric record, featuring songs that blend elements of folk, gothic Americana, and dream pop. The album explores themes of transformation and the passage of time, with Nadler's ethereal vocals weaving through lush, cinematic soundscapes. Tracks like "Bessie, Did You Make It?" and "If I Could Breathe Underwater" showcase her storytelling prowess and ability to evoke vivid imagery through her music. "Path of the Clouds" has been praised for its emotional depth and artistic maturity, solidifying Nadler's place as a distinctive and influential voice in contemporary music.

Track listing:

  • A1 Bessie, Did You Make It? 4:29
  • A2 The Path Of The Clouds 4:51
  • A3 Couldn't Have Done The Killing 4:49
  • A4 If I Could Breathe Underwater 4:29
  • A5 Elegy 4:45
  • B1 Well Sometimes You Just Can't Stay 3:52
  • B2 From Vapor To Stardust 3:54
  • B3 Storm 3:53
  • B4 Turned Into Air 3:20
  • B5 And I Dream Of Running 3:20
  • B6 Lemon Queen 4:37