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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Part Seven of this exciting series continues to illuminate and celebrate the mistakenly overlooked and truly obscured artefacts of illustrious noise that emerged from the British psychedelic era and beyond. The celebrated Piccadilly Sunshine series introduces many listeners to a brave new world of audible delights offering a precious glimpse into the floral heavens of Great British psychedelic pop. Many gems that have eluded the grasp of compilers before will grace deserved ears and should serve to establish Piccadilly Sunshine as the stalwart series in the inflated contemporary maze of re-issues.

Track listing: 1. LOOSE ENDS I Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 1966 2. PETER FENTON Small Town 1966 3. PAUL YOUNG No, No, No 1967 4. BOBCATS Let Me Get By 1967 5. CHRIS KERRY Seven Deadly Sins 1967 6. SITUATION Time 1966 7. MAGIC LANTERNS Time Will Tell 1967 8. MUD Youre My Mother 1967 9. PEEPS Gotta Get A Move On 1966 10. PINKERTONs ASSORT COLOURS Will Ya? 1966 11. THE ACT One Heart 1967 12. THE KOOBAS City Girl 1967 13. DEUCE OF HEARTS The Times They Are A-Changin 1966 14. HARBOUR LITES Run For Your Life 1966 15. MONOPOLY Gone Tomorrow 1970 16. DEAD SEA FRUIT Seeds Of Discontent 1967 17. BARRY FANTONI Fat Man 1966 18. RISING SONS Just A Little While Longer 1968 19. BARLEY BREE Save Your Love 1967 20. PAUL YOUNG You Girl 1967