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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic
    ‘A Handy Guide For Used Underwear’
  • Episode 23 in the Cornflake Zoo Series
  • 20-page full colour booklet
  • comprehensive liner notes
  • rare colour photographs

Episode 23 unveils another beguiling blast of dancefloor disasters direct from the legendary and catastrophic Discotheque la Despair DJ, Dustin E. While a mild dose of spectacularly transmitted diseases (sexual or otherwise) is engulfing the globe, there’s no better time to put the kettle on, sit on your ass and grab a listen to some strange people making weird noises. We’re not talking world leaders here, we’re talking about the flatulent underbelly of the 60s pop debacle, a grandiose spectacular that still entertains and brings tears of joy (or disbelief) to many. Herewith we present to you, an era unfolding before your very ears with a succulent helping of funky soul beat and garage punk that wasn’t punk at the time and wasn’t recorded in a garage, but who cares when it sounds this good.

Track Listing:

  • THE HUNTERS Lost Money 1968
  • DAVID McNEIL Linda 1969
  • SWEET FEELING Ask Me If I’m Ready 1967
  • THE SCREEN Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat 1969
  • TEDDY ROBIN & THE PLAYBOYS Don’t You Try To Love Somebody 1967
  • THE NEW BEATNICKS Silly Pete 1968
  • OLA & THE JANGLERS No No No 1965
  • ANNAABEE NOX The Kids Are Alright 1966
  • GROEP REZA From Home 1967
  • PETER WELCH & HIS JETS I’m So Lonely To Night 1965
  • THE BLIZZARDS Faithless Sleep 1965
  • THE PICK-UPS Tom Tom 1967
  • THE JETS Chase Your Blues Away 1967
  • SHADDERHANDS Hurting Inside 1968
  • THE SCARECROWS Every Single Day 1967
  • THE RINGLEADERS This World Could Be A Beauty 1966
  • THE GARNETS A Sunny Walk In Rainy Days 1968
  • THE CHINCHILLAS Crying 1967
  • THE INVADERS Pictures Of Matchstick Men 1968
  • THE SHAKERS The 46 In Wind Street 1967