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  • still (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Tiger bay
  • Genre: Progressive

Pete Sinfield’s only solo attempt has the fingerprints of King Crimson covering every track, the result being a piece of early progressive rock. With fellow Crimsonites Greg Lake, Mel Collins, and John Wetton helping him out, Sinfield manages to capture a sturdy-enough progressive air across the length of the album, comple- mented by periodic injections of classical, rock, and jazz movements. To Sinfield’s credit, his surreal lyrics are mindful and well written, with a strong regard for prog rock’s fantastical world. The album was released originally under the Ep’s imprint, and this long-awaited reissue includes the bonus tracks “Hanging Fire” and “Can You Forgive A Fool.

Track listing

    Side One

  • The Song Of The Sea Goat Under The Sky
  • Will It Be You
  • Wholefood Boogie
  • Still
  • Hanging Fire (bonus track)
  • Side Two

  • Envelopes Of Yesterday
  • The Piper
  • A House Of Hopes And Dreams
  • The Night People
  • Can You Forgive A Fool (bonus track)