john mayall: the turning point
  • john mayall

  • the turning point (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Universal/Polydor
  • Genre: Blues, Soul, Funk

"The Turning Point" is a live album by British blues musician John Mayall, recorded at the Fillmore East in New York City on July 12, 1969. This album marked a significant departure from Mayall's earlier electric blues style, featuring a more acoustic, jazz-influenced sound. The performance is noted for its lack of a drummer, which was unconventional for a blues band at the time, creating a unique, stripped-down sound.This results in a more intimate and dynamic sound, with an emphasis on melody and improvisation. The album blends elements of blues, jazz, and folk, showcasing Mayall's versatility as a musician and bandleader.

"The Turning Point" is considered a landmark album in John Mayall's career, representing a bold and innovative shift in his musical direction. The album received critical acclaim for its originality and musicianship, solidifying Mayall's reputation as a pioneer in the blues genre.

Track listing:

  • A1 The Laws Must Change 7:22
  • A2 Saw Mill Gulch Road 4:40
  • A3 I’m Gonna Fight For You J.B. 5:28
  • A4 So Hard To Share 7:04
  • B1 California 9:31
  • B2 Thoughts About Roxanne 8:21
  • B3 Room To Move 5:02