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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Past and Present
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Legendary garage punk compilation One of the first-ever US garage collections Finally available on CD again 28 tracks, with remastered sound 75 minutes of psychotic terror 12-page booklet with band histories / rare pix
Finally available on CD again, this legendary compilation of 1960s American psychedelic punk was one of the very first albums of its sort ever assembled. Featuring numerous legendary 45s, as well as some utter obscurities, it is presented here with remastered sound and a full booklet, including liner notes and rarely-seen pictures, making it a genuinely essential addition to any self-respecting garage connoisseur's collection.
Track Listing 1. Balloon Farm: A Question Of Temperature 2. Music Machine: You Love Me Again 3. Painted Faces: Anxious Color 4. Velvet Illusions: Velvet Illusions 5. Unrelated Segments: Cry Cry Cry 6. Outcasts: Set Me Free 7. Murphy & The Mob: Born Loser 8. Sparkles: No Friend Of Mine 9. Painted Ship: Frustration 10. Mouse & The Traps: Maid Of Sugar 11. Macabre: Be Forewarned 12. Calico Wall: I'm A Living Sickness 13. Velvet Illusions: Acid Head 14. White Light: William 15. Outcasts: 1523 Blair 16. Zakary Thaks: I Need You 17. Painted Ship: Little White Lies 18. Swamp Rats: Loui Loui 19. Unrelated Segments: It's Unfair 20. Shy Guys: Black Lightning Light 21. Bourbons: Dark Corner 22. Mind's Eye: Help I'm Lost 23. Stereo Shoestrings: On The Road South 24. Zakary Thaks: Can You Hear 25. Caretakers Of Deception: Cuttin' Grass 26. Remaining Few: Painted Air 27. Teddy & His Patches: Suzy Creamcheese 28. Indian Puddin' & Pipe: Hashish"