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the underground failure: the underground failure
  • the underground failure

  • the underground failure (CD)

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  • Format: CD
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  • Genre: Psychedelic
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  • Papersleeve mini-LP CD
  • 500 pieces limited
  • remastered

Swedish underground counter-culture monster album from 1971, originally released as a private pressing of 150 copies, never sold at shops at the time. These bunch of freaks were clearly influenced by Dylan, early Velvet Underground and The Fugs, but they came with a sound of their own. Stoned/druggy atmosphere alternating from acoustic/acid-folk tracks to devastating, fuzzed-out ones like 'Green Ocelot,' which was included at #38 in the recent 'Punk Before Punk' top 50 list in Ugly Things magazine.

Track Listing

  1. Green Ocelot 1:32
  2. Why Oh Why 2:00
  3. The Weekend Masquerade 4:08
  4. Boil On My Mind 1:31
  5. Make Your Own Kinda Music 2:35
  6. Spring 3:50
  7. All Night Looking Lonesome Blues 3:58
  8. Night Before Berlin 3:14
  9. Ballad Of Ulysses 3:14
  10. Newer You And Me 3:22
  11. Spanish Sunday Adiell 4:37
  12. How Unpleasant To Meet Mr. Elliot 4:28