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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Vinyl Magic
  • Genre: Progressive

Label: Azzurra Music

The album 'Ut,' with a heavier sound, closer to hard rock caused the split of the New Trolls with the two leaders Di Palo and De Scalzi going in two different ways. A legal struggle followed, for the use of the famous name, and while Di Palo with the other three chose the Ibis way, in a hard rock direction, Vittorio De Scalzi formed a new band, called N.T. to avoid contractual problems, and with a more polished sound. To help their fans to recognize this band as the real New Trolls, early copies of the album had a sticker on the sleeve covering the N.T. name with the full New Trolls brand. N.T. released their first album 'Atomic System' in 1973, a nice album with a large use of horn instruments, De Scalzi himself playing flute and keyboards along with guitar. Limited edition 180 gram black vinyl.

Track Listing

  • A1 La Nuova Predica Di Padre O'Brien 6:40
  • A2 Ho Visto Poi 7:28
  • A3 Tornare A Credere 8:30
  • B1 Ibernazione 5:45
  • B2 Quando L'Erba Vestiva La Terra 7:15
  • B3 Butterfly 8:05