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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Progressive
    ‘The Original Psychedelic Dream’
  • Episode Sixteen in the Cornflake Zoo Series
  • 20-page full colour booklet
  • comprehensive liner notes
  • rare colour photographs

From the author of The Underwear of Empires; It’s How We Wore Them That Matters comes a sublime collection of symbolic mod pop from the original psychedelic era. Dripping with drama, intrigue and passionate loins, Cornflake Zoo returns to that shapely bottom of the charts to conjure up the essence of late 1960s pop gold. ‘tis a shameless pop diversion that embraces big hair, floppy kaftans and turquoise corduroy. Or as a delightful old dear, supplied with a rousing, stiff Pimms once casually remarked: “Give it to me one more time!” Prepare to be enamoured as Cornflake Zoo is caught with its trousers down for the 16th time!! This is pop at its creative peak. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

  • GARY O’SHANNON GROUP The Barrel Organ (That Organ’s Driving Me Mad) 1968
  • TAGES To Be Free 1968
  • BOOTS No Part Of It 1968
  • LOTUS LAND Mr. Lion 1968
  • PENNY WISE Lily Come Near Me 1968
  • GARY O’SHANNON GROUP All We Need Is Time My Love 1968
  • LES 5 GENTLEMEN Twiggy 1968
  • SERPENTINE Yesterday Papers 1969
  • ROWING GAMBLERS MisterMusic Man 1968
  • PEBBLES Get Around 1968
  • THE FIRST MOVE Gingerbread Man 1969
  • DIMITRI Strange Is The Grass 1967
  • THE HOUNDS Summertown 1968
  • SAINT LOUIS SET Mr. Next 1969
  • THE SPARKLINGS Green Mello Hill 1969
  • BIG WHEEL If I Stay Too Long 1969
  • PENNY WISE Leave Me Alone 1968
  • THE JACKPOTS Jack In The Box 1969
  • JACKY CORNELL You’ll Be Free 1970
  • POPERA Because I Love You 1969