keith tippett: dedicated to you, but you weren't listening (coloured vinyl)
  • keith tippett

  • dedicated to you, but you weren't listening (coloured vinyl) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Akarma
  • Genre: Progressive
LP 180 gram,thick paste on cover

Keith Tippett's name is probably familiar to you if you are a fan of '70s British jazz or bands like King Crimson, the Soft Machine and Blossom Toes (who all benefited from Tippett's keyboard playing on some of their greatest albums). Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening, recorded in 1971 (with the help of Elton Dean, Robert Wyatt, Gary Boyle and Roy Babbington), gives birth to a personalized avant-guarde style that puts Tippett in a class of his own. In the years followingthe album's release, Tippett became involved in the jazz rock of Centipede and Ovary Lodge with his future wife Julie Driscoll. 7 tracks.