mirthrandir: for you the old women (splatter + cd)
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  • for you the old women (splatter + cd) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Plus Que Reel
  • Genre: Progressive

Unless we all live in an infinitely looping time bubble, it is quite cumbersome to explain how Mirthrandir’ s album For You The Old Women was originally released in 1976, rather than appearing for the first time in the ‘happening’ of the ‘now-sounds’. A much sought after artefact among savvy prog collectors, and not at all coincidentally, For You The Old Women sits comfortably among the top 10 most inventive and omni-dexterous US prog bands, alongside Cathedral, Yezda Urfa, Happy the Man, Lift, to name a few. Moreover, their album sounds as fresh and captivating today, not only to generations of prog ears, but also to prog and symphonic metal aficionados, as it blends complex symphonic arrangements, in all their interminable and idiosyncratically unexpected twists and turns, with heavy bass-driven passages and high-pitched vocals that will send any Dream Theater fan straight to headbanging heaven. Any background reference is highly unlikely to do justice to the prowess, virtuosity and precision of the compositions that are engraved in this album, as to render any attempt at matching its quality with a comparable sequel a heroic feat of self-overcoming, if not a futile enterprise. This first ever vinyl reissue is a testament to Mirthrandir’s music genius, packed with a bonus CD featuring a very rare and highly energetic live show performed by the band in New Jersey in 1975, as well as previously unreleased tracks from the same period as the album, a 12-page booklet with extensive band and individual members’ bios and rare photo material. This edition is available in 3 ultra-limited and numbered colors, black , splatter and clear vinyl.

Track listing:

  • A1 Number Six 5:00
  • A2 Light Of The Candle 4:17
  • A3 Conversation With Personality Giver 5:32
  • B1 For You The Old Women 8:10
  • B2 For Four 14:53
  • CD
  • Birth (Previously Unreleased, Recorded at Rahway, New Jersey, 1973) 9:30
  • Number 2 (Previously Unreleased, Recorded at Rahway, New Jersey, 1973) 7:15
  • Number 6 (Live at Fox Theater, New Jersey, 4/5/75) 5:23
  • Light Of The Candle (Live at Fox Theater, New Jersey, 4/5/75) 4:17
  • For Four (Live at Fox Theater, New Jersey, 4/5/75) 14:26
  • Robin (Live at Fox Theater, New Jersey, 4/5/75) 2:53