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  • janus (red) (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Klimt
  • Genre: Progressive

Aunt Mary was a prog rock band formed in Fredrikstad, Østfold in Norway in the early 70's. Signed a contract with Polydor in Denmark to release Aunt Mary in 1970. The group gradually moved towards progressive rock with the records Loaded in 1972 and Janus in 73. In the spring of 1973, during the preparations of their third album, Svein and Bjørn decided to take their music even further and spent months together writing for what they wanted to be the band's international album. The music was more prog-orientated than its predecessor. Fans and critics would later compare it to Pink Floyd, King Crimson or even a psychedelic version of The Beatles !

In June 1973, the band entered the studio. But its members were so tired of life on the road that they decided to cut the album, do the launch tour and then split up. Knowing that this album was "their swansong", they really did their best to make it shine. The band spent so much time recording that the producer, Svein Robert Ludviksen, almost lost his job. But the album turned out to be what the band would consider "the best of their career".

Track Listing

    Side One
  • Path Of Your Dream
  • Mr. Kaye
  • Nocturnal Voice
  • For All Eternity
  • Side Two
  • Stumblin' Stone
  • All We've Got To Do Is Dream
  • Candles Of Heaven
  • What A Lovely Day