twenty sixty six and then: reflections on the future
  • twenty sixty six and then

  • reflections on the future (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Missing Vinyl
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Originally released in 1972 on United Artists
  • Official reissue
  • Double LP
    • Second LP contains bonus tracks with all known other material recorded by the band in the early 70s
  • Exact replica of the original cover
  • Thick 2-page insert with band history and band interview.
  • Fully authorized
  • 500 pieces limited, deluxe reissue on 180g vinyl

This is the one and only legendary album of this excellent heavy psychedelic Krautrock group. It was originally released on the United Artists label in 1972, and the original is sinfully expensive nowadays. The first LP is an exact repress of the original, while the second LP contains for the first time all other material recorded by the group in the early seventies.

Track Listing

  • At my Home
  • Autumn
  • Butterking
  • Reflections on the Future
  • How Would You Feel
  • Unreleased LP

  • Winter (Demo 1970)
  • I Saw The World (Demo 1970)
  • The Way I Feel Today (Studio – Live Version)
  • Spring (Duet for Two Hammonds)
  • I Wanna Stay (the Munich Sessions)
  • Time Can’t Take it Away (the Munich Sessions)