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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Ethelion
  • Genre: Progressive

A Prog rarity by an English band in France, 1971, plus bonus tracks From the ashes of Apple Music Publishing band The U (Don't) No Who (3 tracks on RPM 312 An Apple A Day), came Bachdenkel, who in 1969 relocated from Birmingham to France. During their time in France a number of recording sessions were undertaken, an early single resulted (Through The Eyes Of A Child), and eventually an LPs worth of material collected. The song Translation was written following an association with choreographer Graziella Martinez (who had previously worked with The Soft Machine) working on a ballet of the same title.

Already experimenting with mixing their influences from Beatles psych era, Joni Mitchell style songs, Eastern and Hippie philosophies, Bachdenkel were further tempted by visiting musicians to Paris such as avant garde jazz artists The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Anthony Braxton. The result is magnificent, great songs with beautiful and unusual lyrics, epic music, warm vocals, and truly captivating listening experience.

Track listing:

  • Translation
  • Equals
  • An Appointment With The Master
  • The Settlement Song
  • Long Time Living
  • Strangerstill
  • Come All Ye Faceless
  • The Slightest Distance
  • Donna
  • A Thousand Pages Before