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can: live 1970
  • can

  • live 1970 (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Inner Space
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Double silver coloured 180g vinyl, in hand numbered gatefold sleeve/p>

  • First time on vinyl
  • Legendary 1970 performance from Krautrock sensation
  • Includes the entire WDR TV broadcast
  • Pressed on 180g silver coloured vinyl
  • Hand numbered gatefold sleeve
  • Background notes and images.
Can, live from Soest, Rockpalast, Germany in November 1970

This remarkable set is the earliest full concert recording of the mighty Can. Performed in November 1970 for broadcast on the WDR TV show Karussell für die Jugend (‘Youth Carousel) in Soest, 80 miles north of their base in Cologne, it features vocalist Damo Suzuki (who’d replaced Malcolm Mooney in May), alongside Michael Karoli (guitar), Irmin Schmidt (keyboards), Holger Czukay (bass) and Jaki Liebezeit (drums), and is presented here with background notes and images.

Track listing:

    Side 1

  • Sense All Of Mine 4.28
  • Oh Yeah 18.35
  • Side 2

  • I Feel Alright 12.53
  • Mother Sky 6.25
  • Side 3

  • Deadlock 5.08
  • Bring Me Coffee Or Tea 16.11
  • Side 4

  • Don’t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone 4.47
  • Paperhouse 11.13