mack porter: peace on you
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  • peace on you (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Other
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • 500 pcs limited and numbered
  • first ever vinyl reissue
  • original gimick cover

African artist, born in Ghana in 1945, Mack Porter moved to Holland and then to Italy in the late 60's where he released four pop and soul singles for the small Neapolitan label "Fans". In 1969 he won the music competition "A record for Europe" in Lugano, Switzerland, which made him sign a contract with the RiFi label. In 1972 he released this magnificent concept album, which unfortunately remained the only one.

Mack Porter is a truly unique artist and “Peace on You” is an equally unique album. Heavily inspired by psychedelic soul influences with progressive atmospheres, wild guitar solos and even some orchestral arrangements. Filled with long folk intros, funk strings, organ insertions to create a perfect amalgamation of funk, soft progressive rock, fuzz guitars and Porter's melancholy and bluesy voice combines all of this into a bewitching sound, all arranged by Enrico Intra with the cover designed and elaborated by Mario Convertino, the famous graphic designer of the time.

Track Listing

  • A1 Miles To Go 5:32
  • A2 Back Home 4:20
  • A3 Peace On You 10:08
  • B1 Sunday In Neon Lights 6:05
  • B2 The Seventh House 5:56
  • B3 Till The Fall 2:53
  • B4 Freedom 3:25