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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Universal/Polydor
  • Genre: 80s,90s, Rock, Garage

The Cure is an iconic English rock band formed in 1976, known for its distinctive sound that often blends post-punk, new wave, and gothic rock elements. The band's frontman and primary songwriter, Robert Smith, has been a consistent member throughout its various lineup changes. The Cure has produced a diverse and influential discography, exploring themes of love, existentialism, and introspection.

"Pornography" is the fourth studio album by The Cure, released in 1982. The album is widely regarded as a key work in the gothic rock genre. "Pornography" delves into darker and more atmospheric sonic landscapes compared to the band's earlier releases. The lyrics explore intense and often existential themes, reflecting a sense of despair and introspection.

The album includes tracks such as "The Hanging Garden," "One Hundred Years," and "A Strange Day." These songs feature dense, layered instrumentation, with swirling guitars, moody synths, and Smith's emotive vocals contributing to the overall atmospheric and brooding nature of the album.

"Pornography" is considered a pivotal record in The Cure's career, representing a departure from their earlier, more pop-oriented sound. Its influence can be seen in the development of the gothic rock genre, and the album has maintained its status as a classic within alternative and post-punk music.

Track Listing:

  • One Hundred Years 6:42
  • A Short Term Effect 4:25
  • The Hanging Garden 4:32
  • Siamese Twins 5:35
  • The Figurehead 6:15
  • A Strange Day 5:06
  • Cold 4:26
  • Pornography 6:28