popol vuh: seligpreisung
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  • seligpreisung (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: SONY/BMG
  • Genre: Progressive

The fourth LP by Popol Vuh was originally released on Kosmische Musik in 1973. It follows the religious theme of its predecessor and features the line up of Florian Fricke with Conny Veit on guitars, Daniel Fischelscher on guitars and drums (he was the drummer of Düül II), Robert Eliscu on oboe, Djong Yun on vocals and Klaus Wiesse on tamboura. -

Track Listing

  • Selig Sind Die, Die Da Hungern 6:01
  • Tanz Der Chassidim 3:16
  • Selig Sind, Die Da Hier Weinen 5:07
  • Selig Sind, Die Da Willig Arm Sind 3:13
  • Selig Sind, Die Da Leid Tragen 3:39
  • Selig Sind, Die Sanftmütigen 2:33
  • Selig Sind, Die Da Reinen Herzens Sind 2:33
  • Ja, Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen 2:43
  • Be In Love 4:57