kathy smith: some songs i've saved
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  • some songs i've saved (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Big Pink Music
  • Genre: Rock / Pop

Deluxe Korean mini LP (papersleeve) CD

Kathy Smith's "Some Songs I've Saved" invites listeners into a captivating musical realm. With poignant vocals and timeless melodies, Smith crafts an emotional tapestry. Each track is a cherished gem, preserving moments of love, reflection, and passion. An album that resonates with the heart and stands as a testament to musical artistry.

Track listing:

  • Topanga
  • What Nancy Knows
  • A Vision Of Two Saints
  • End Of The World
  • Same Old Lady
  • Blackbird And The Pearl
  • Russel: Gemini II
  • If I Could Touch You
  • Circles Of Love