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  • Format: LP
  • Label: STAX
  • Genre: Progressive

SEALED ORIGINAL US COPY with deletion hole Skin Alley was a British band known for its eclectic fusion of jazz, rock, and blues. Formed in the late 1960s, they released several albums during their active years in the early 1970s. The band members included Thomas Crimble, Bob James, Krzysztof Henryk Juskiewicz, Alvin Pope, and Nick Graham. Skin Alley's music often featured intricate compositions, improvisations, and a mix of musical styles, contributing to their unique sound and earning them a place in the progressive rock scene of that era.

Skin Alley's album "Skintight" was released in 1973. This album continued to showcase the band's diverse musical influences, blending elements of jazz, rock, and blues. "Skintight" maintained the band's characteristic fusion style, featuring complex compositions and arrangements.

While not as commercially successful as some of their contemporaries, Skin Alley's albums, including "Skintight," are often appreciated by fans of progressive rock for their experimental approach and musical versatility. The band's ability to merge different genres and create a distinctive sound is evident in this particular album as well.

Track Listing:

  • A1 If I Only Had The Time 3:52
  • A2 At A Quarter To One 2:53
  • A3 How Long 3:32
  • A4 Surprise Awakening 4:15
  • A5 Broken Eggs 4:07
  • B1 The Heap Turns Human 3:55
  • B2 Maverick Woman Blues 3:57
  • B3 What Good Does It Do? 5:03
  • B4 Mr Heavy 3:27
  • B5 Instrumental 3:43