murphy blend: first loss
  • murphy blend

  • first loss (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Missing Vinyl
  • Genre: Progressive
  • Classic German Krautrock album from 1970
  • Fully authorized
  • Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl
  • Expertly remastered from the mastertapes
  • Unavailable on vinyl since more than a decade

Murphy Blend's (named after a pipe tobacco) only album, is one of the best and rarest early German progressive rock records. Excellent hammond organ, that delivers a unique heavy psychedelic Krautrock sound. It was originally released on the legendary KUCKUCK label in 1970.
This album, is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection.
English lyrics."

Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy exact texture cover."