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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Music Links Knowledge
  • Genre: 60s Garage / Surf / RnB
  • first ever official reissue
  • 180g vinyl
  • 500 pieces limited
  • Insert with lyrics

"The Forminx" were Vangelis’ first group, and one of the first and most popular bands of the Greek music scene. It paved the way for dozens of Greek bands in the sixties. In 1976, almost ten years after their dissolution, they released their self titled album, with fourteen songs, on Pan-Vox. This unique album contains almost all material, released on 7” singles in the '60s

Track Listing

  • Jeronimo Yanka
  • Our Last September
  • Mandjourana's Shake
  • And Maybe More
  • Somebody Sent Me Love
  • Greek Holidays
  • Ah! Say Yeah
  • Jenka Beat
  • Say You Love Me
  • A Precious White Rose
  • Il Peperone
  • A Hard Night's Day
  • Dream In My Heart
  • School Is Over