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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Sundazed
  • Genre: 60s Garage / Surf / RnB

The Prime Movers Blues Band, sometimes simply referred to as "The Prime Movers," were an American blues-rock band that emerged in the 1960s. While they may not be as widely recognized as some other blues and rock acts, they gained a following for their bluesy and soulful sound.

The band's music has been appreciated by blues enthusiasts and collectors of vintage blues-rock. They are often associated with the blues revival movement of the 1960s, alongside other acts that sought to bring traditional blues and blues-rock into the contemporary music scene.

Formed in the summer of 1965 by brothers Michael and Dan Erlewine, The Prime Movers Blues Band’s dedication was the stuff of legend. Refusing to adopt a faux British Invasion look and turning down an offer from Motown, they played their style of Chicago-inspired blues relentlessly around the Detroit area. Featuring the “raw power” of a young James Osterberg on drums (who also lends vocals on their sizzling styling of “I’m A Man”), this first-ever collection of The Prime Movers Blues Band’s recordings includes liner notes from bandleader Michael Erlewine!

Before James Osterberg was Iggy Pop, before Robert Sheff went by “Blue” Gene Tyranny, and before J.C. Crawford whipped crowds of MC5 fans into a frenzy, they all played in the Erlewine brothers’ Butterfield Blues Band-influenced outfit, hustling around the Motor City and more. Previously unavailable in any format, Modern Harmonic is proud to present this inaugural offering from The Prime Movers Blues Band on both CD and LP fittingly pressed at Third Man in Detroit.

Featuring Iggy Pop with his pals who gave him that name!

Track Listing

  • Endless Blues 9:01
  • Everyday I Have The Blues 6:04
  • Walkin' By Myself 7:55
  • Yonder's Wall 10:16
  • You Better Watch Yourself 6:38
  • Rock Me Baby 5:39
  • Orange Driver 4:55
  • Walking Through The Park 4:49
  • All These Blues 5:56
  • I'm A Man 2:45