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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Ethelion
  • Genre: Progressive

This 1971 record is full of jazz-inspired progrock with long instrumental interplay in even longer tracks. Their music oozes fun and good-natured moods and should please everyone, even the ones wary of jazz-tinged music, as this is hardly their only inspiration. Highly recommended to the progheads that seek to deepen their knowledge of early '70s prog rock and looking for unknown gems such as this one.

Track Listing

  • A1 Just Like Stone 6:30
  • A2 Don't Make Me Cry 8:48
  • A3 Flying South In Winter 6:26
  • B1 Dreams 3:57
  • B2 You Make My Jelly Roll 7:58
  • B3 Natural High Part I 6:55
  • B4 Natural High Part II 3:53