various: vile vinyl volume 1 - 16 unique slices of us garage psych
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  • vile vinyl volume 1 - 16 unique slices of us garage psych (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Past and Present
  • Genre: Psychedelic

• 16 tracks of ‘60s weirdness • First time on CD • Originals of this album sell for hundreds of Dollars • Remastered for superior sound • Detailed sleevenotes

Aficionados around the world, rock critics, distributors, store dealers and collectors dedicated to those great ’60s tunes: this one’s for you. Rock culture loves obscurity and mysteries and often zealously guards them, well… this comp gives you all you want. It’s all here, from Stones-influenced complete with raw, rasping vocals, to ants-in-your-pants groovers, with some downright wild, crazy ravers thrown in for good measure. So, engulf your cranium in lysergic emanations - this is as fine a slice of garage-psych dementia as they come.

Track listing:

1. Night Crawlers: Let’s Move 2. The Lincolns: We Got Some 3.The Lincolns: Pop Kat 4.The Dirty Shames: Makin’ Love 5.The Jolly Green Giant: Caught You Redhanded 6.The Triumphs: Better Come Get Her 7. The Paniks: You’re My Baby 8. The Shy Guys: Lay It On The Line 9. The Nomads: Thoughts Of A Madman 10. Bobby Roberts & the Ravons:How Can I Make Her Mine? 11.The Changin’ Times: How Is The Air Up There 12. The Belles: Melvin 13. Thee Wylde Main-iacs: Not The One For Me 14. The W.C. Dorns: I Need You 15. The Cult: Here I Stand 16. The Carpetbaggers: Let Yourself Go