various: a journey to tyme
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  • a journey to tyme (5 CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Psychic Circle
  • Genre: Psychedelic

All 5 individual volumes assembled here for the first time

  • Compiled and sequenced by Nick Saloman
  • Digitally remastered
  • Limited edition of 1000 numbered box set
  • 5 CDs featuring over 80 tracks
  • Detailed booklet
  • Band histories
  • Rare photographs
  • Full discographies

Accompanied by a detailed 84-page booklet featuring updated band histories, rare photographs and full discographies, this is another addition to any fan of the genre's collection

Volume 1

  1. Unrelated Segments/Story Of My Life
  2. Beckett Quintet/No Correspondence
  3. The Enfields/She Already Has Somebody
  4. Moving Sidewalks/Need Me
  5. The Painted Faces/Anxious Colour
  6. Ugly Ducklings/That's Just a Thought That I Had In My Mind
  7. Chayns./Run And Hide
  8. American Blues/If I Were A Carpenter
  9. Unrelated Segments/It's Unfair
  10. Beckett Quintet/(It's All Over Now) Baby Blue
  11. The Enfields/I'm For Things You Do
  12. The Moving Sidewalks/Every Night A New Surprise
  13. The Painted Faces/Things We Se
  14. The Ugly Ducklings/Just In Case You Wonder
  15. Chayns/Why Did You Hurt Me
  16. American Blues/All I Saw Was You

Volume 2

  1. Faine Jade/It Ain't True
  2. Canterbury Fair/Song On A May Morning
  3. The Cryan Shames/Ben Franklin's Almanac
  4. Haymarket Riot/Nine O'Clock
  5. The 4 Of Us/I Feel A Whole Lot Better
  6. Thee Midniters/Never New I Had It So Bad
  7. The New Breed/High Society Girl
  8. The Roosters/One Of These Days
  9. The Fifth Order/Goin' Too Far
  10. Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2/Mr Sweet Stuff
  11. The Rats/Got To See My Baby Every Day
  12. The Esquires/Sadie's Way
  13. The Poets/Now We're Thru
  14. The Hallmarks/Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally
  15. The Outcasts/I Didn't Have To Love Her Any More
  16. The Rationals/Feelin' Lost

Volume 3

  1. The Iguanas/Mona
  2. The High Spirits/I Believe
  3. 49th Parallel/Laborer
  4. The Myddle Class/I Happen To Love You
  5. The Sonics/Cinderella
  6. The Xtreems/Substitute
  7. The Countdown Five/Shaka Shaka Na Na
  8. The Druids/Doctor Friend
  9. The Iguanas/I Don't Know Why
  10. The High Spirits/Bright Lights Big City
  11. 49th Parallel/You Do Things
  12. The Myddle Class/Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long
  13. The Sonics/Louie Louie
  14. The Xtreems/Facts Of Life
  15. The Countdown Five/Money Man
  16. The Druids/She's Got A Secret To Hide

Volume 4

  1. English Setters/Tragedy
  2. Five Empressions/Little Miss Sad
  3. Vogues/Humpty Dumpty
  4. What's Happening/Baby You're Hurtin'
  5. Ex-Cels/Like A Dream
  6. Zoo/Where Have All The Good Times Gone
  7. Mark Four/Forget It Baby
  8. Roads End/Why
  9. Tommy Burk & The Counts/Without Me
  10. Chad Allan/Use Your Imagination
  11. Bassmen/I Need You
  12. What-Knots/I Ain't Dead Yet
  13. These Properous Times/Baby's Comin' Back
  14. Thunderbirds/Your Ma Said You Cried
  15. British Walkers/Shake
  16. Chad Allan/Shakin' All Over

Volume 5

  1. Leather Boy/On The Go
  2. Glory Rhodes/I'm Gonna Change The World
  3. Blue Banana/Spicks And Specks
  4. State Of Mind/Make You Cry
  5. Pattens/You Should Know
  6. Living End/I Need A Lot Of Lovin'
  7. American Four/Luci Baines
  8. Messengers/I Gotta Dance
  9. Leather Boy/Soulin'
  10. Glory Rhodes/Stay Out Of My Way
  11. Blue Bananas/My Luv
  12. State Of Mind/Goin' Away
  13. Pattens/Jump
  14. Living End/Turkey Stomp
  15. American Four/Sould Food
  16. Messengers/Right On