vernon wray: wasted
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  • wasted (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Big Pink Music
  • Genre: Rock / Pop

Deluxe Korean mini LP (papersleeve) CD

  • First Time on CD
  • LP Miniature with OBI (Promo Strip)
  • Lyrics Included
  • A long waited album of Vernon Wray, the oldest son of the famous Wray family. The only album “Wasted” released on his own private label “Vermillion” was sold at his gig. Without much public attention and lack of promotion the album was forgotten soon after. Wasted contains strong flavor of country, folk and swamp rock. Vernon’s voice strongly resembles Johnny Cash very much-a masculine deep bass tone. The album was recorded at Wray’s Shack Three Tracks+5 with support of Link Wray. It should be welcomed by all the Wray cult fans.

    Track Listing:

    1. Facing All The Same Tomorrows
    2. God Is Color Blind
    3. Reaching Out To Touch
    4. Lonely Son
    5. Tailpipe
    6. Faces In The Crowd
    7. When I Start Drinking
    8. Prologue #1
    9. Underneath The Sycamore Tree