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Of the various myths and legends that have sprung up since Jimi Hendrix's death in 1970, one of the most enigmatic and enduring concerns his relationship with Velvert Turner, the New York - born axeman who claimed to be both friend and protege of the late guitarist. While there is little documented evidence to support Turner's claim, the fact that Turner, along with respected Hendrix guitar educator Andy Aledort produced a Hendrix guitar tutorial video in conjunction with the Hendrix family goes someway to confirming that Turner is telling the truth. More evidence comes courtesy of ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd, who not only listened to a lengthy telephone conversation between the pair when the Hendrix was playing in New York, but generally hung out with Turner at the time he was receiving lessons from Hendrix. Commenting on this, Lloyd says "They used to use a large mirror for the lessons because Jimi was left handed and Velvert was not. Velvert used to come to my house after the lessons and show me what Jimi Had taught him.". Apart from the tutorial video Turner's only recorded work was an album released on the Family Productions label (FPS2704) in 1972. Supported by Prescott Niles (later to form The Knack) and Tim McGovern, both of whom cropped up on Randy California's Kapt Kopter album, Turner produced two different musical versions of his album with the same sleeve and catalogue number, distinguishing them only by their matrix numbers. This, then, is the "heavier" version (matrix no. 16741) with crazed, heavy solo guitar overdubs rather than the "soul" version (matrix no. 16951) with the second lead guitar overdubs removed. The Velert Turner album may be just another small piece in the Hendrix jigsaw, but it also happens to be a pretty good guitar album too.Artist: Velvert TurneTrack Listing: 1. Madonna (Of The Seven Moons) 2. Talkin' About My Baby 3. Country Chicken 4. Strangely New 5. Scarlet Warrior 6. Three O'Clock Train 7. Just Look And See 8. 'Xcuse Me Gentlemen 9. (Love Rides...) The Slow Swirling Seas 10. Freedom