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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Radioactive
  • Genre: Progressive
Back in 1970 a five-piece band from Long Island, New York, inexplicablychanged its name from Soft White Underbelly to Stalk-Forrest Group and madethe journey to Los Angeles and the offices of Elektra Records, then riding highwith their two rock-psych bands Love and the Doors.It is widely believed that Elektra viewed the band as a potential East CoastDoors, and the label wasted no time in getting them into the studio to recordan album's worth of psychedelic tunes, rich in high harmonies and fluid,accomplished guitar interplay and trippy-hippy lyrics, under the watchful eyesof the co-production team of Sandy Pearlman and Jay Lee. Elektra hadoriginally intended for Don Gallucci (formerly of Don And The Goodtimes) toproduce the album. Gallucci, however, slipped away without informing thelabel or the band of his departure! Around the same time bassist Andy Winterswas replaced by drummer Albert Bouchard's brother Joe, and sensing theproject had all the hallmarks of an ill-fated venture, Elektra promptly droppedthe band, but not before releasing a paltry 200 copies of a single taken fromthe unreleased album session.Obviously not deterred by this setback, the band promptly changed its nameto Blue Oyster Cult, signed for Columbia and retuned its musical style toheavy metal. The rest, as they say, is history!This reissue of the unreleased California session, bearing the name of the'90s German bootleg, has been re-mastered to a particularly high standard, asbefits one of the best West Coast-style psych albums ever madeTrack Listing

1. Gil Blanco County 2. Ragamuffin' Dumplin' 3. Bonomo's Turkish Taffy 4. Arthur Comics 5. Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors 6. St Cecilia 7. Donovan's Monkey 8. I'm On The Lamb But Ain't NoSheep 9. A Fact About Sneekers