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  • wednesday morning dew - realistic patterns volume 2 (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Psychic Circle
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Recently we delved into the relatively uncharted waters where American psych and lush orchestration flow seamlessly together. We called it Realistic Patterns, and it carried us on a voyage that was both pleasing and eye-opening. It is now time to take another cruise through similar oceans, during which we can visit the house band at Sammy Davis Junior's Hollywood club, an ex-member of The Leaves getting rather groovy, the lead singer of The Third Bardo doing his solo thing, a song from the man behind The Banana Splits, and an old bandmate of a pre-Byrds Chris Hillman. Come aboard, the anchor's up and the sea is like a millpond.
1. BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE: Have You Seen Them Cry 2. ERIK: Child Of The Sea 3. MAJIC SHIP: Wednesday Morning Dew 4. THE FALLEN ANGELS: Room At The Top 5. THE SHAMBLES: World War II In Cincinatti 6. WAYNE STEWART: If You Could Be Him Instead 7. SUMMERHILL: Follow Us 8. STONY BROOK PEOPLE: There's Tomorrow 9. THE BAG: Nickels & Dimes 10. SECRET AGENTS OF THE VICE SQUAD: I Saw Sloopy 11. PETER COURTNEY: Dr. David's Private Papers 12. GREEN LYTE SUNDAY: If You Want To Be Free 13. HEARTS & FLOWERS: Tin Angel 14. FIVE BY FIVE: Too Much Tomorrow 15. JEFF MONN: She Is There For Me 16. THE SECOND TIME: Listen To The Music 17. THE NOVA LOCAL: If You Only Had The Time 18. SILK: Not A Whole Lot I Can Do 19. THE HOOK: There's Magic In The Air 20. PEPPERMINT RAINBOW: Pink Lemonade"