various: the electric asylum vol. 4 - rock hard british freakrock
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  • the electric asylum vol. 4 - rock hard british freakrock (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Past and Present
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Compiled by Psych expert Psychomania Available for the first time 20 awesome tracks 12-page full-colour booklet Detailed sleevenotes Rare pictures"

1. HECTOR Lady 2. SLOWLOAD Big Boobs Boogie 3. ROG AND PIP Warlord 4. WOLFRILLA Come Tomorrow 5. INCREDIBLE HOG Lame 6. SMOKE That's What I Want 7. SPUNKY SPIDER You Won't Come 8. NING Machine 9. QUIET WORLD Rest Comfortably 10. HENRY TURTLE You Turned Your Back And Walked Away 11. BEAR BROTHERS Red Shoe Trucken 12. HARD HORSE So Long I'm Moving On 13. MUSTARD I Saw I Heard 14. TUESDAY Big Mr. Little Man 15. GODSON We've Not Made It 16. BUBBLES Zap n' Cat 17. SUNSHINE KID My Linda 18. CLUTCH Black Angel 19. JACKAL Year Of The Tiger 20. SUNDANCE Eagles"