thirsty moon: you 'll never come back
  • thirsty moon

  • you 'll never come back (CD)

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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Long Hair
  • Genre: Progressive
This is Thirsty Moons second album on famous German label Brain. Originally released in 1973. Despite the fact, that their first album is accepted as a classic one, many progressive Rock music lovers appreciate "Youll never come back" as the the band's best effort. On this album Thirsty Moon developed their unique sound. No other band has so completely captured the elusive phenomena inherent in acid-Rock and placed it so effectively in a Jazz-Rock format. Thirsty Moon's sound is a mirror ball of images surrounding the listener. This is one of the best albums of that time. Comes with one never released before bonus track and comprehensive booklet including liner notes by member Jn Drogies. Digitally remastered from mastertape.