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clark hutchinson: a=mh2
  • clark hutchinson

  • a=mh2 (2 LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Tiger bay
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • Hype Sticker.
  • gatefold
  • 180g vinyl

As virtuoso musicians and members of Sam Gopal’s Dream, Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson were well-known to regu- lars at legendary London clubs such as UFO and Middle Earth when they decided to branch out as a duo. Recorded in two intense overnight sessions in May 1969, A=MH2 is a scorching blend of jazz, raga, blues and psychedelia that has long been established as one of the key recordings to have emerged from the UK psychedelic underground.

It’s presented here as a two-disc set, together with their March 1969 recording debut, an unreleased collection of acid blues that features some equally stunning musicianship.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Improvisation On A Modal Scale
  • A2 Acapulco Gold
  • A3 Impromptu In E Minor
  • B1 Textures In 3/4
  • B2 Improvisation On An Indian Scale
  • C1 Bad Loser
  • C2 Crow Jane
  • C3 Guess I Have To Set You Free
  • C4 CH Boogie
  • C5 Maybe In The Morning
  • D1 Someone's Been At My Woman
  • D2 Just Wanna
  • D3 The Summer Seems Longer