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Label: Hundergrum"

...SPANISH PSYCHOTRONIC BRAIN DAMAGE, 1967- 1975'' '' . Andergraun Vibrations is back! This third volume is choc full of ultra- rare tracks taken mostly from Spanish small and private labels. From wild garage- psych to primitive hard- rock and exploito psych, it's all here!

You'll find the rarest Spanish groove- psych library record ever (two copies known!), '' '' L.S.D'' '' by Mario Selles Orchestra, ripping Hendrix sounds by Jordi '' '' Toti'' '' Soler from his unknown private pressing second solo 45, fuzz- wah madness á la Stooges by Piñonate, acid sixties- punk by Los Crich, trashy prog sounds by Colores, basement hard- rock insanity by Prou Matic (taken from their impossible to find flexi- disc), exploito fuzz by The Matches, raw garage fuzz by the The True, rural garage psych by Los Riscos, lo- fi underground proto- punk sounds by Vibración (only one copy known of their 45)...and more!It features an amazing 8- page magazine styled insert with detailed liner notes about each band in English/ Spanish (including the story behind the legendary The True, told for the first time after tracking down the only surviving member) and lots of rare pictures, some of them taken from the archives of some of the musicians involved.

TRACKLISTING: SIDE A: 1. DON Y SU BANDA CLUB - Acción 2. THE MATCHES - Little boy 3. LOS CRICH - All strung aut over you 4. PROU MATIC - It is my world 5. VIBRACION - Vuelve a mí 6. ORQUESTA MARIO SELLES - L.S.D 7. THE TRUE - Let me love SIDE B: 1. GABRIEL - Marlis 2. PIÑONATE - Eraseb 3. COLORES - Es mejor olvidar 4. LOS GOYA - Cow girl 5. LOS RISCOS - Sombras 6. JORDI SOLER - Hi ha gent''"