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  • Genre: Psychedelic

Label: Hundergrum"

SPANISH PSYCH 1967-1976. Geat ready for the ultimate psychotronic party!! Underground soul, psychedelic funk, Hammond and library grooves, dirty fuzz guitars, wah-wah, horns, drum breaks, crazy bongos...14 tracks taken from rare and unknown until now Spanish records from the late 60s and early 70s, many of them released on small and private labels, including the Turkish style hard-psych-groove of Pedro Gonzales with 'El Samurai' and the ultra rare private pressing EP by Alcy Aguero Y Su Orquestra Pop featuring the killer scat-fuzz dancer "Quiero bailar"...But wait... there's more! Powerful soul movers by Juan Muro, Tios Queridos and Los Goya ; Hammond grooves by Marquez and Polos Opuestos ; library-fuzz-groove by Jou Cogra, Caldern and Greg Segura, progressive soul by Microns... Professional remastered sound and terrific full colour artwork full of memorabilia from Spanish boîtes from the 60s/70s. Includes a 4-page insert with pictures and detailes liner notes in English/Spanish."