various: waiting for a break in the clouds
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  • waiting for a break in the clouds (LP)

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  • Format: LP
  • Label: Break-A-Way
  • Genre: Psychedelic


16 rare gems of soulful pop-sike and groovy sike 1968-1973"

SHADY DAZE RECORDS debut album is an incredible vinyl collection featuring 16 rare and expertly chosen global gems of soulful pop psych and groovy mod psych smashers recorded between 1968 - 1973! Step into the world of mod, flower power, paisley fashion and fuzzed out psychotropic grooves. Hip dancefloorshakers meet gentle popsyych, floating melodies come across fuzz, wah wah guitars, swirling hammonds, hippie psych and mindblowing groovy psychrock. Assorted rarities from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands etc by BABE PEREIRA - Can't You See, BEAU ALLEN - Georgia Ground, INSIDE LOOKING OUT - Long Live Sivananda, BIRDWATCHERS - Mary Mary, LONG TIME COMIN' - Part Of The Season, BOOBY BLOOM - Emergency, JEAN PIERRE LEBROT - Barbara Au Chapeau Ros, DINO - Bye, Bye City) FLAVOR - Heart Teaser, AKIDO - Psychedelic Baby, WESS - Heartbreaker, CORDELLS - Love Is Where It Is, FROSTY - Organ Grinder's Monkey, BALLOON CORPS- Up In Smoke and more
A precious collection in full coloured cover
Professionally remastered for a pristine sound
500 copies only"