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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Sunbeam Records
  • Genre: Psychedelic

• Essential archival release for psych fans

• 29 rare tracks spanning 1960-71

• Never previously available on CD

• Full booklet with rare pictures

• Comprehensive notes by Tim Forster

Few 60s artists have attracted such mystique or so devoted a cult following as The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. This fascinating compilation draws together many of the rare recordings made by its members before, during and after their existence. Taking in pop, garage, folk-rock, psych, the avant-garde and more, the set highlights the disparate elements that fused to create their extraordinary and enigmatic music, and comes complete with rare pictures and comprehensive notes by the world’s leading WCPAEB authority, Tim Forster.
Track Listing

1.   Bob Markley -  Will We Meet Again?

2.   Bob Markley - Tia Juana Ball

3.   Bob Markley - Summer's Comin' On

4.   Bob Markley - It Should've Been Me

5.   Lucifer & The Peppermints - The Green Itch Got The Bear

6.   Lucifer & The Peppermints - Money Back Guarantee

7.   Bobby Rebel  - Valley Of Tears

8.   Bobby Rebel  - Teardrops From My Eyes

9.   Judy Brown  - I'm Such A Fool

10. Sonny Knight  -  A Swingin' Door 

11. Sonny Knight  - If You Want This Love

12.   The Rogues  - Wanted: Dead Or Alive

13.   The Laughing Wind  - Good To Be Around

14.   The Laughing Wind  - Don't Take Very Much To See Tomorrow

15.   The Laughing Wind  - John Works Hard

16.   The Laughing Wind  - The Bells

17.   The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  - Sassafras

18.   The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  - I Won't Hurt You

19.   Neo Maya  - I Won't Hurt You

20.    Boystown  - Hello Mr. Sun

21.    Boystown  - End Of The Line

22.    California Spectrum  - She May Call You Up Tonite

23.    Rockit  - Blame It On The Pony Express

24.    Rockit - Amblin'

25.    Brigadune  - I'll Cry Out From My Grave (God I'm Sorry)

26.    Brigadune  - Misty Mornin'

27.    Brigadune  - My Wife Likes To

28.    California  - Spectrum Rainbo

29.    Halim El-Dabh  - Leiyla & The Poet