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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Beatball / Shagadelic
  • Genre: Psychedelic

Japanese style MINI-LP CD.A brilliant American musician Michael Angelo's self titled debut album has been acclaimed as a masterpiece of soft rock & psychedelic rock. Originally released on Guinn label in 1977, it is an exquisite panorama of folk, soft rock blended with psychedelic sounds. Michael Angelo also has a really nice voice and an impressive scope of musicianship, playing all of the instruments except drums all by himself with some real chops as a pianist and lead guitarist. His Gothic, minor key, nine-eight ballad 'Field of Lonely Eyes' suggests a scope of psychedelic songwriting of The Music Machine. The CD comes out with 7 bonus tracks. Should appeal to fans of The Shoes and similar melodic mid 70s poppy sound as well. First Official Release, LP Miniature Sleeve including OBI Exclusive Retro-Style Inner Sleeve, Lyrics included, 7 Bonus tracks"