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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic

From the minds behind the bottom of Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum, Upside Down, The Chronicles of Daily Flatulence, Beatfreak and The Electric Sound Show, Particles regretfully present Dustin E’s... Cornflake Zoo: Episode Five. As always, rules are broken, but standards are observed as we assemble a selection of the most delightful, juvenile absurdity to reach the auditory senses. Presenting a captivating collection replete with archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration and a simple (minded) narrative. Includes a 20-page full colour booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare colour photographs.


  1. LOS SHAKERS Higher Than A Tower 1968
  2. THE LORDS The World Is Falling Down 1969
  3. THE WHISKERS Morning Dew 1968
  4. RO-D-YS Easy Come, Easy Go 1968
  5. SLAM CREEPERS Living With Lies 1968
  6. THE COOPERS Leave This Man Alone 1968
  7. STOKE SECT Flower Children 1967
  8. THE NEWCOMERS Have You Seen My Baby Comin’ 1968
  9. THE LOLLIPOPS On My Way 1969
  10. TEST If I Were A King 1968
  11. HAPPIE Mary-Ann 1968
  12. LOS PASOS I Was The Best 1968
  13. AFTER TEA Lemon Coloured Honey Tree 1967
  14. LES BAROQUES Love Is The Sun 1967
  15. LES SINNERS Devoir Partir 1968
  16. BOJOURA Looking For The Land 1968
  17. THE LOLLIPOPS Naked When You Come 1966
  18. THE SHOES Listen To The Lyrics Of This Song 1967
  19. THE RIVETS Wade In The Water 1966
  20. JOHN PHILIPP Living In Our Part Of Time 1972