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  • Format: CD
  • Label: Particles
  • Genre: Psychedelic
  • The first in the new Cornflake Zoo series
  • 16-page full colour booklet
  • comprehensive liner notes
  • rare colour photographs

From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum, Upside Down, Velvet Revolutions, Beatfreak and The Electric Sound Show, we are most absurdly disposed to present: Dustin E’s…….CORNFLAKE ZOO!

Join me in the glorious pursuit of seeking obscure, vintage psychedelic pop. There is no better joy known to man than harking back to an era where an abundance of melodies and psychedelic gestures unfold. This then, is the first leap into that world where rules are broken, but standards are observed. Heavenly delights from Holland, Germany, America, England, Canada, Poland, Brazil and the Pyrenees collide in a captivating collection all presented with a loving touch of restoration and mastery and utterly absurd and contemptuous liners. Complete with a plethora of original, archival imagery, no lack of nouse and a simple (minded) narrative, what more could you ask?

Track Listing:

  1. CASEY JONES and THE GOVERNORS Zebedy Zak 1969
  2. DAVID Please Mr. Policeman 1969
  3. BABY PY GRANDMOTHER Single Girl 1967
  4. JAY JAYS I Know In My Mind 1968
  5. THE TOXIC Horse and Director 1968
  6. BLUES SECTION End Of A Poem 1967
  7. JOHN WINFIELDS You Know You Go 1971
  8. LOS IBEROS Night Time 1969
  9. HEARTS and FLOWERS Tin Angel, Will You Ever Come Down 1968
  10. JUAN and JUNIOR Nothing 1967
  11. WALLACE COLLECTION Hello Suzannah 1969
  12. THE MOTIONS Nightmare 1968
  13. THE TOXIC Einmal 1968
  14. TAGES Like A Woman 1968
  15. CASEY JONES and THE GOVERNORS Beechwood Park 1968
  16. OCTOPUS 4 Walking On The Waves 1969
  17. RO-D-YS Sleep, Sleep, Sleep 1968
  18. THE KLAN Melody Maker 1967
  19. BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT When The Smoke Around Your Eyes Has Cleared 1967
  20. ROEKS FAMILY Get Yourself A Ticket 1968